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Freddie Mack

The Pittsburgh Blues Society
Photo from a charity fundraiser in April 1991.
Photo from a charity fundraiser in April 1991.
The Pittsburgh Blues Society was formed in the early 80's at the Penn Cafe in Bloomfield. It was founded by musicians for musicians - with a mission to educate and entertain the public while keeping the tradition of Blues alive. We have been on the Web since 1995, and located at this Web address since 1999.
The artists responsible for founding the Pittsburgh Blues Society include Mike Sallows, Randall Troy, Lucy Van Sickle, Emory Early, Bill Weiner, Kevin Kelly, Duane Stackhouse, and myself. Along the way we have had the pleasure of performing together in one form or other in the many different venues our region has to offer. Over the years our members have also had the honor of performing alongside some of the greatest names in Blues including B.B. King, Buddy Guy, John Hammond, and Kim Wilson.
Pittsburgh has always been an excellent source for a good dose of blue-collar Blues. Many of the artists from the region have paid their dues more than once over. Pittsburgh is graced with an abundance of inspired and talented musicians for such a small area. The music here comes from the heart, resonates with genuine depth, and is played with authority.
The purpose of this site is to house all of the archival material pertaining to the Pittsburgh Blues Society, including reviews of local, national, and international material that is submitted to us, and links to the best Blues and music related sites on the Web.
- Fred McIntosh (Freddie Mack)
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