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Pittsburgh Blues Society
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Freddie Mack - Photos
Photos shot by Freddie Mack fans and friends that catch some of the energy and excitement of his incendiary live performances. These photos feature some of the highlights from his musical past, including the wild stage antics he's become known for. If you haven't caught one of his shows yet, these photos will provide a glimpse of what you've been missing. We would like to extend a very special thanks to everyone that has contributed to this collection of pictures and made it possible for us to post them here for all to enjoy.
Promotional Photos




With the Mystic Knights

Skelley's Place,
Millvale, PA

The Backdraft,
Baldwin, PA

The Backdraft

Wicked Witches,
Cheswick, PA

Wicked Witches

5th annual Pgh.
Blues Festival

Blues Festival

Blues Festival
With Memphis Mike and the Legendary Tremblers

private party,
Elizabeth, PA.

Memphis Mike

Rob Jacobs and
Memphis Mike

playing guitar
With the Paul Nelson Blues Band

Bridgepoint Inn
Philadelphia, PA

JD's Bar & Grill,
Bensalem, PA

JD's Bar & Grill

Bridgepoint Inn
Vintage Photos

Memphis Mike,
Idlewood Inn,
Crafton, PA

Randall Troy
and the Kings

with the Kings,
Bourbon St. Cafe,
Sharpsburg, PA

with the Kings,
Skelley's Place,
Millvale, PA
Famous Friends

Flaco Jimenez,
Continental Club,
Houston, TX

Flaco Jimenez,
Continental Club,
Houston, TX

B.B. King,
B.B. King Blues

B.B. King,
B.B. King's, NYC

John Hammond,
Pgh Arts Festival

Kim Wilson,
Pgh Blues Festival

Buddy Guy,
B.B. King Blues Fest

Bullmoose Jackson,
East End, Pittsburgh
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