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Freddie Mack

Pittsburgh Blues Society Review
Bradley N. Litwin
You Rascal You

Jujubee Records
Bradley N. Litwin is a true Renaissance man. As you listen to his music please keep in mind that this multi-talented artist is showing us a mere slice of his life. His talents include digital programming, illustration, graphics, and animation. His website offers a wide veriety of very professional products. Make sure to check it out when you are done here.

The music contained on this CD can be viewed simply as a time machine. Propelling us back to a time when music was fun, and exciting. Bradley N. Litwin is an extremely talented musician with a very casual approach. He places a great amount of emphasis on authenticity and gut feeling. You know the truth when you hear it, and this is it. The only thing that is really missing is the scratch and hiss associated with using the old 78 phonograph records.

His attention to detail pays off in spades as the genuine article pours from your speakers. He executes tremendously difficult guitar passages while singing lyrics as if nothing else was going on. The entire CD is wonderfully relaxing and very pleasurable experience from beginning to end. His tone is dead on perfect on every track.

The opening track is a little ditty called "Mr. Diddy Wah Diddy," a toe tappin' tune that warms you up for what is to follow. I believe it was the great Louis Armstrong who penned the title track "You Rascal You." Bradley's version is a prime example of what kids were tearin' up the dance floors to in the 20's & 30's. "Please Consider Me" has such beautiful depth on the guitar, and I really enjoyed the instrumental rag "St. Louis Got Tickled."

Bradley's guitar work is consistently delicate yet insistent on keeping the rhythm steady as a rock. "One Meatball" had me snappin' my fingers and left me hungry for more. "Wor Shu Op" is a great delta style blues tune, which shows off one of his many fine talents in playing authentic blues. "Louisiana Fairy Tale" features a wonderful accompaniment by violin and tuba to great effect.

Do not miss Bradley's cover of Robert Johnson's "Love In Vain." I was floored with its intensity and tone. This is a slight re-arrangement that has many magical moments and gives new life to a standard that has worn true with us for so many years. Everybody needs to add this one to his or her collection. Make sure you get a copy for yourself. CD's are available through the Bradley N. Litwin website.

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