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Freddie Mack

Pittsburgh Blues Society Review
Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings
One Night Lover

Synquesse Music
The CD opens with the title track. A fairly straightforward Uptown Blues number featuring a tight horn section and Uptown Girls type back-up vocals. I was pleasantly surprised by the familiar wail of Mark Wenner throughout the CD. Mark is one of my favorite harmonica players, and is a large part of why I really enjoy the Nighthawks.

A mention of recording quality is due here. This entire recording is crystal sparkling clean. Every instrument is carefully balanced in the mix. This recording is of the quality you would expect to get out of a top-notch studio. Yet there is no mention in the credits of who did this wonderful work. Inquiring minds want to know.

I was impressed with each of the songs for different reasons, and thought each one showed a great example of soul and conviction. All of it is original material based on standard forms, sparse arrangements, and tight instrumentation. "Big Daddy" has a wide pallet of styles to choose from. All of which are well balanced, and sonically correct.

Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings has a great musical vision, and seems to know exactly what he wants from his band, and they seem to deliver the perfect response to his call on every track. Make sure to add this one to your collection soon. Highlights from the CD are the tunes "Swing," "4x4 Woman," gospel gem "Thank You, Jesus," the cool and jazzy "Sophisticated," and "B-3 Blues." But let it be known that after listening to this CD, everybody's gonna love the country life on the "Funky Farm"!

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