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Freddie Mack

Pittsburgh Blues Society Review
Chizmo Charles
Up All Night

Blues Leaf
You might know him as Mr. Charles Anderson, but most know him only as Chizmo Charles. I am very proud to have worked with Chizmo on many occasions. I have had the privilege of taking part in the magic that happens when this man takes over the stage. I have also watched him wrap a crowd up in his love and emotion with the music he sings. Excellent production work by "The Doc" James Dougherty Jr. who also provides choice guitar parts throughout the disc. Armed with a long list of many of the regions musical legends, this disc starts out with a bang, and keeps on going strong, "Up All Night" as promised. This is a good example of a few of the songs that Chizmo performs live throughout the city on a regular basis. Make sure to pick up one of these disks at the next Chizmo show. If you haven't seen Chizmo Charles yet, you are missing one of the greatest Rhythm and Blues singers around. Thankfully, he lives right here in The Burgh. Don't miss his show, and don't wait to get his CD.
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