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Freddie Mack

Pittsburgh Blues Society Review
Flaco Jimenez

Back Porch Records
By far, Flaco Jimenez is the coolest gato I've ever met. This guy is the best example of what a true artist should aspire to be. Stay true your music, and stay true to yourself. Flaco is the King of the accordion in a style of music that was invented by his father. He is known for taking his instrument to the next level by introducing it into genres not normally associated with rollicking according riffs. A real living legend, Flaco has recorded with the very best including The Mavericks, and The Rolling Stones. He also has several Grammy Awards to his credit, and continues to thrill audiences with his live performances throughout the world.

This CD is possibly one of the most significant recordings in my collection. It opens with a rockin' Ron Morales tune "A Little Drink, A Little Dance." Featuring Lee Roy Parnell on vocals and slide guitar. If that wasn't enough, he gets out the big guns on the Pete Anderson tune "Alright, I'm Wrong." Sounding as if it were torn from the Buck Owens songbook, Buck himself makes an appearance in this duet with Dwight Yoakam. The third track is the best cover of any Beatle song ever. A Texas Tornado approved version of "Love Me Do" will warm the hearts of even the toughest desperado.

There are some great examples of his traditional work here as well, which brings to mention the golden vocals of Nunie Rubio. The last half of the CD is a showcase of both Flaco and Nunie working together like a well-oiled machine. Song after beautiful song filled to the brim with the taste and soul that can only be found in those little cantinas down near the Mexican border. With no disrespect for Freddie Fender, Doug Sham, or anybody else for that matter, Nunie Rubio has one of the very best male voices in the industry. I would enjoy hearing a duet featuring Nunie with Raul Malo of the Mavericks. This CD is a MUST HAVE for any collection.

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