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Freddie Mack

Pittsburgh Blues Society Review
Li'l Ronnie and the Grand Dukes
Do What Cha Do

Trust Me Babe Records
This all-original release comes charging out of the starting blocks with "Long Distance Lover." Authentic barrelhouse boogie with a wailing harp. These guys are really serious about the blues, and play it like they mean it. The upright bass is used throughout this CD and it has such a wonderful tone. I really got off listening to the clicks of strings. This band is extra tight and knows how to set the mood just right.

Next it's a trip down to the swamps. "Wine Headed Woman" is an excellent example of real Lazy Lester/Excello Swamp Blues. Singing through the harp mike and letting the harp wail. This is the real deal, take no prisoner Blues. I can see why Anson Funderburg produced these guys. This CD features song after song of pure heartfelt Blues.

Every song on this CD is great, but please make sure not to miss the sultry "Love Trance," the rockin' "She Wild," or the B-3 extravaganza "Still Sweatin'." This CD is probably one of the best we have received on a long while. It should be part of every blues collection, and I strongly recommend it for any serious fan of the blues.

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