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Freddie Mack

Pittsburgh Blues Society Review
Mighty Mo Rodgers
Blues Is My Wailin' Wall

Blue Thumb Records
This recording project started with a casual conversation with his neighbor. He said "I'm gonna start playin' music again 'cause I don't like what I'm hearin' and there are things I want to say." With a well-seasoned voice, and a light touch on the keyboards, he dishes out the Blues. Sometimes his songs wrap the Blues around a world beat, and on others he uses traditional Blues rhythms to convey his musical statement. "No Dough" could easily be a Ray Charles tune. Several songs have a strong Memphis Soul feel with tremendous B-3 and guitar work. Be sure to check out "The Kennedy Song". Jim Gibson does a wonderful job on guitar, with the rest of the band locked in tight. "Gone fishin'" seems to be the one that would be radio friendly, with it's insistent blues groove, and rock solid beat. This is a very inspired blues album in the spirit of the past, recorded with today's technology. Don't overlook this gem of a CD. It's high time for you serve yourself up a bonafide slice of real blues with a side order of soul.
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