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Freddie Mack

Pittsburgh Blues Society Review
Randy Lippincott

When I first arrived in Philadelphia a few years ago, Randy Lippincott was hosting the first jam session I attended. He made me feel right at home with his mastery of styles and rhythm, and the finesse of a well-seasoned player. In his recent past he had played bass and was the bandleader for Albert Collins, and the Johnny Clyde Copeland Band. He was also featured on the first Shamika Copeland CD that was later nominated for a Grammy Award for new female artist of the year. Now, he is up front, singing and playing guitar like nobody's business. A great selection of some of Randy's best original compositions. He is the king of subtle, sublime hooks that stick with you long after the music is done. "Stop runnin' behind me" is a hard driving blues groove with a bottom three miles wide. "Ninety-Eight Eleven" is a hypnotic grinder that features Philly harp legend Steve Guyger. The entire disc is filled with cool stuff. I really enjoyed every minute of it. While I lived In Philly I had the chance to work with Mr. Lippincott many times but, he was so kind as to invite me to sit in with his band at Philly's premier Blues club - Warmdaddys - just prior to me returning to Pittsburgh this winter. Many thanks to you sir, for all the great times we shared on stage.
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