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Freddie Mack

Pittsburgh Blues Society Review
Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant
Stratosphere Boogie
Swingin' on the Strings
Razor Tie
Both of these discs should bear a disclaimer reading "Warning: not responsible for personal injury." I'll be honest, I darn near got whiplash listening to these tunes. Before you listen to this, you'd better fasten your seatbelt tight. Think of the wildest Rockabilly you've ever heard, then add a heavy dose of old Warner Bros. cartoons, and you're getting close. In fact, the famous intro to almost all of those old WB toons was the magical steel of, you guessed it, Speedy West. Jimmy Bryant lights the fretboard on fire with the tastiest Django Reinhart style Telecaster licks you'll ever hope to hear. Speedy assaults his Fender Pedal Steel with a vengeance that will never be matched. I can only say that these two were a perfect match, because nobody else could possibly keep up with either one of them, but themselves. All songs are instrumentals, but the lyrics are not necessary. The instruments do all of the talking. I cannot accurately describe the power of the tunes contained within these two discs. These two guys make me realize how little I really do know about playing the guitar. Time for me to go back to the woodshed. Jaw dropping stuff from the masters of their style.
Copyright, Fred McIntosh. All rights reserved.